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CSMLS online self-assessment pla guidance tool (osa)\

The OSA is a guidance tool for potential Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) clients in General Medical Laboratory Technology/Science only.

It is to help the potential PLA client decide if they have the theoretical and clinical education, knowledge, skills and understanding in General Medical Laboratory Science, at the technologist level, to begin the long and expensive PLA process. It is not used by CSMLS for anything else.

The OSA is not a practice test, it is not based on, nor does it mimic, the CSMLS General MLT Certification Exam.

For the CSMLS Certification Exam Practice Tests (General MLT and MLA), please go to the CSMLS website, under Learning Services. The Practice Tests found on the CSMLS Learning Services webpage are the only CSMLS Certification Exam Practice Tests that the CSMLS endorses.

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